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Installation and Use

Installation Steps:

TwilioSms module required core package of the RTW, you can get core package from following types.

1: Using the composer:

Installing module from composer use following commands.
composer require redefiningtheweb/magento-core:1.0.0

2: Through FTP/SFTP:

You can download it from github, using following link.


Once you download the core package, move it to following locations.

Directory path : Magento-Root/app/code/Rtw/Core

Installation of Twilio Library: This package required Twilio library.
composer require twilio/sdk

Important Note:
It is necessary to install RTW core package with anyother package related to RTW (Redefining The Web).

User Steps:

Once the user successfully installed the package after that they need to enable the module follow the following steps.

  • Enable Module: For enabling module login to your Magento admin panel, search for menu “RTW” , now click on it and search for “TwilioSms“.
    (Reference Image: Image1.1)

    Under this choose “Configuration” . (Reference Image: Image1.1)

    Choose Enable module to “Yes” and check all other fields of configurations and click on “Save” button.
Image 1.1
Image 1.2
Image 1.3
Image 1.4

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